our work

We work closely with our clients, helping them develop in-depth insights and breakthrough marketing ideas. We do this by combining rigorous research with decades of on-the-ground experience.

our specialisation

We specialise in engaging and understanding the most difficult-to-reach market segments. Such segments include (U)HNWIs, C-suite executives, celebrities, experts, opinion leaders, mavens and cognoscenti. These are the people that cannot be recruited through traditional channels, and most certainly cannot be found on panels.

Over the years we have proven that we are one of the few research consultancies in Asia to have the personal and professional networks that are needed to reach out to these people, and to co-opt them into the research process. We enjoy working with them, and they enjoy working with us.  It’s as simple as that.

our core industries

Given our focus on the new breed of wealth in Asia, our work cleaves into four core industries:

banking and finance

Our banking and finance work focuses on private banking and wealth management, but we also have extensive experience in corporate and wholesale banking, philanthropy, retail investment and private health insurance. Subsumed under our banking and finance work is our social research practice, which focuses on measuring the impact and outcomes of philanthropy. Our clients include some of the leading companies in each of these domains, such as Coutts and Co., Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Private Bank, Standard Chartered Corporate Bank, Barclays Wealth, SGX and Bupa.

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luxury goods

Our luxury brand work focuses on fashion and high-end ‘status’ products, but crosses over into the alcoholic beverages category as well. Our clients include Jil Sander, Roberto Cavalli, Rolex, Steinway Lyngdorf and the French Champagne Council (CIVC).

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Alcoholic beverages

Our alcoholic beverage work spans both wine and spirit brands and breweries. Over the years we have worked with nearly all the major alcoholic beverage brands available in Asia, including those managed by Diageo (Johnnie Walker, Moët Hennessy, Smirnoff, Tanqueray, Bailey’s), Pernod Ricard/Seagram (Chivas Regal, Something Special, Passport, Seven Crown, Blender’s Pride), Pernod Ricard/Allied Domecq (Courvoisier, Ballantine’s, Maker’s Mark, Canadian Club), Brown-Forman (Jack Daniel’s), Campari Group (Wild Turkey), Asia-Pacific Breweries (Tiger, Heineken, ABC Stout, Baron’s), Fosters, Guinness, San Miguel, the South Pacific Brewery, and the Solomon Islands Brewery.

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Our legal research focuses on trademark disputes, with our specialisation being passing off cases. We have appeared as expert witnesses in court, representing clients such as Clinique, Ferrero S.P.A., Oto Bodycare, Pos Ad, C.R. Media (Prestige Magazine), Seiko, and Pioneers & Leaders.

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Of course, whilst these industries are a focus of ours, we do not work exclusively within them. We also conduct innovation-related work for technology companies, social research for NGOs, and country branding studies for national tourism agencies.

our methods

We like to think of ourselves as being methodologically agnostic. 

We are as comfortable delivering nationally representative survey samples as we are conducting ethnographic deep dives; we are advocates of new research technologies, but we recognise the value of more traditional techniques as well. As such, our toolkit is broad-based, innovative, and always customised to suit our clients’ objectives.


Our qualitative methods span the gamut of depth interviews, focus groups, online discussion forums and workshops. Specific areas of expertise include semiotics, ethnography and high-level expert interviews.


Our quantitative methods span the gamut of offline, online and mobile sampling techniques. Specific areas of expertise include segmentation, incidence measurement, and delivering statistically robust samples for difficult-to-reach audiences.


Our innovation methods are a blend of primary and secondary research, and are mostly qualitative in nature. They include things like ideation and co-creation, trend spotting and analysis, and cross-pollinating ideas from adjacent industries.

our geographical coverage

We specialise in Asian markets.  We have spent decades living and working throughout the region; observing and interpreting the societies and cultures, and developing nuanced understandings of what works and what doesn’t. Whilst we have the experience and capabilities to work in any Asian market, our countries of expertise are Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Myanmar.