asian strategies

helps brands understand,

engage and excite

the new breed of wealth
in asia.

Image credit: Luke Ma / CC BY

Asia is booming.

The opportunities for brands geared towards the affluent classes are unprecedented. Such classes are looking for new ways to spend, invest and manage their wealth; ways that enable them to assert their identity, pursue a passion, or leave a legacy. Understanding, engaging and exciting the new breed of wealth has never been more important. 

Or more difficult.

Researching the affluent segment is not easy. Affluent respondents are almost impossible to recruit via traditional channels, and getting them to talk openly requires sensitivity and skill. For a research project to be a success, it requires a highly customised approach, a skilled and senior research team, and extensive personal and professional experience operating in this domain. Many research providers do not have the capabilities or appetite to research the affluent. But we do.

Asian Strategies is the region’s foremost provider of customised research that targets the affluent segment. We enjoy strong personal and professional connections with the well heeled and influential. If anyone knows how to access, engage and motivate these segments, we do.

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Our work spans markets and methodologies, but it focuses on four core industries and one core segment: