about us

Asian Strategies is a research and planning consultancy.

We have been in business since 1991, which makes us one of the most established independent research companies in both Singapore, and Asia. We have helped to build the region’s research industry from the ground up, and much of the research infrastructure – the techniques, the business models, the best practices, even the companies – that is in place today can be attributed to us. 

Our motivation has never been to grow into a large, impersonal corporation with multiple offices and hundreds of employees located in numerous markets throughout Asia. We’ve already done that. 

Instead, we have kept the company small, niche and nimble. We often undertake projects that are too difficult or too complicated for other companies to do. We don’t treat research as a commodity, but as an integral part of the consulting process. And because of this, we pride ourselves above all else on our commitment to delivering insights and ideas that are of unsurpassed quality and relevance for our clients.

our team

We have a small team of highly qualified, highly experienced researchers and planners that are accountable for every aspect of our business. There is no outsourcing of responsibility, as everyone is engaged in every step of every project. We operate as a network, which means that we can be as big or as small as we need to be. Everyone is a “Researcher” as this best describes what each of us does. 

Every day.

Greg Coops

Greg has helped to shape and grow the market research industry in Asia since the 1970s. He has lived in Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, and worked extensively throughout the region, particularly in the emerging markets of Indochina and Myanmar. He specialises in quantitative research and harnessing new research methodologies. He is a founding partner of Asian Strategies; prior to that he founded Consensus MBL (now TNS) and was one of the pioneering batch of executives from Frank Small & Associates (also now TNS) that were responsible for expanding and professionalising the industry in Asia. Outside of work, Greg enjoys polo, sailing and expanding his range of eclectic musical interests.

Julian Barrans

Julian has worked as a business, marketing and branding professional for over 30 years, with more than half of that time in the APAC region, working both client side and agency side. He is passionate about the role that research and innovation play in driving growth in a business and its brand(s), amplified by his roles as Global Innovation Director with Mars Inc, Global Marketing Director at TNS and MD at Interbrand
South East Asia. 

Sheonagh Kennedy

Sheonagh started her career in advertising, moving from the creative department to account management and strategic planning. She made the full switch to market research in the early 1990s, and since then has specialised in qualitative research. She has lived in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and one of her core areas of expertise is luxury brand management. She has worked for McCann Erickson, Leo Burnett and J. Walter Thompson, and is currently a senior partner with Asian Strategies. Outside of work, Sheonagh enjoys tennis, sailing and art.

Annie Low

Annie joined Asian Strategies in 2012. She lived in Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines before graduating with a Communications and New Media degree in Singapore. Her multicultural background honed keen interests in philanthropy and digital technologies, and she specialises in researching millenials and data visualisation. Outside of work, Annie enjoys improvisation theatre, volleyball and powerlifting.