our advantage

There are five key advantages of engaging us to help solve your business problems.

We focus on engaging and understanding difficult-to-reach consumer segments for clients that represent four core industries: banking and finance, luxury goods, alcoholic beverages and legal. We have genuine personal and professional interests in these segments and industries, which means that we are fully invested in every project that we undertake. Rarely do we undertake work that does not relate to at least one of these foci.

We have extensive, well-developed personal and professional networks that run across Asia. We use these network on a daily basis, whether it is to get quick, on-the-ground insights to bolster a proposal, to recruit an UHNW businessman for an interview in Indonesia, or to arrange a workshop with an opinion-leader in Beijing. 

These are the types of people that cannot be found on panels, databases or through traditional recruiter networks, and that are not motivated by incentives or refreshments. They are people that will only respond to personal requests from people they know and trust. 

People like us.

Without exception, every one of our Researchers has at least ten years of professional experience in Asia; most have significantly more. We have detailed, personal understandings of many Asian markets, and have witnessed many of the region’s social, cultural, political and economic shifts first-hand. We are proud to be part of the very fabric of modern, multicultural Asia.

No matter what we are engaged to do or what our research findings tell us, we are not interested in re-packaging what is already known. Anybody can do that. Instead, we like to weave together both complementary and disparate ideas, observations and sources in order to generate new ideas and identify new opportunities.  Mainstream thinking is easy. We like to challenge, to disrupt, and to make an impact.

We have the highest professional standards in the industry. We know this because we set help set them. Our Managing Director, Greg Coops, is Chairman of the Market Research Society of Singapore’s Professional Standards Committee, acts as the government liaison for data privacy in Singapore, and is Asian Strategies' Data Protection Officer. He is also ESOMAR’s national representative for Singapore, and can often be found lobbying for greater accountability within the industry.

Asian Strategies complies with Fair Data Principles.